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At Fallon & Co Piling, we know that not everyone is an expert in the finer points of foundations and piling. That’s why we’re here to help after all – and we take pride in making things easy for clients who have big plans for their property but need a helping hand in understanding how to make it happen.

At Barn Farm in East Hatley, Cambridgeshire, Mrs Hook contracted Fallon Piling to help her out with an ambitious construction project on the farm. From the very start of the job to the end, we made sure to communicate clearly with her about every step, and she was enormously grateful for how much help we were able to provide. 

East Hatley lies in West Cambridgeshire, a beautiful spot in which to walk and explore – Mrs Hook could hardly have chosen a more picturesque spot for her home construction project. The team at Fallon Piling & Co were keen to step up to the challenge.

The Job

Mrs Hook’s plan for the site was a new 4-bed development. A simple enough job in principle, one that required standard house foundations for any new dwelling, which the team were able to implement quickly and efficiently as usual. There were, however, a few complications that meant some creative thinking was required. 

First step was to dig out the area ready to lay the foundations

For one, the secluded nature of the property meant there was no access to a public foul sewer. Therefore, we had to think differently about drainage and sewage treatment for the property, and as a result, installed a 12-person Klargester biodisc. This is effectively a mini sewage treatment plant, designed specifically for homes like Barn Farm that don’t have access to mains drainage. These units run at low cost while still conforming to environmental regulations and standards, and are a great way for more secluded homes to have access to clean, safe drainage. 

Both parts freshly poured

Another unexpected issue we encountered was the nature of the ground. We originally had planned to install a soakaway to handle stormwater – water from excess rainfall – to ensure that the property was safe from any risk of flooding. However, once we’d started the pile, we realised that the ground was boulder clay, and therefore was unsuitable. Therefore, we needed to redesign a stormwater solution and redirect it to the natural water course. 

The Result

Mrs Hook was hugely pleased with her 4-bed development at his site in East Hatley, Cambridgeshire. It was a pleasure to help her with the job from start to finish, and we even lent her some of our advice and guidance on other aspects of the job beyond the piling and foundations.

If you have a home improvement project planned but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry – we’re always happy to help out clients who don’t have much experience or expertise in construction and foundations. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have a project to discuss, and we’ll take you through every step of the journey…

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