House Foundation Piling – Park Avenue South, Harpenden

Known for being a reliable piling contractor, Fallon Piling is often contacted by developers and property companies looking to lay the foundations for their new projects. One job in particular took the team to leafy Harpenden, a Hertfordshire town that sits in the affluent district of St. Albans.

The client for this job was Westfield Homes, a developer that works across London and Home Counties – much like the team at Fallon. Westfield had recently acquired a large house in the Harpenden area, and were planning to demolish the existing structure in order to build a detached mansion. With six bedrooms and an indoor swimming pool, this would certainly be a luxurious home for the lucky buyer.

However, before they could get started on any of this, they were going to need some concrete piling. And that was where the team at Fallon & Co came in.

Why Was Concrete Piling Required?

There were a number of reasons that piling proved necessary for this particular job. For one, this particular construction was a brand new dwelling that was going to be built near a lot of large trees. Big tree roots take moisture from the ground, and this can cause risk to more traditional footings. Piling is a much safer solution.

Ground being prepared for concrete piling, surrounded by trees.
Trees surrounding the ground can make concrete piled foundations a challenge.

The ground also consisted of heavable clay, meaning that in the right conditions – such as a great change in moisture level in either direction – it’s liable to move. This can lead to building subsidence if a dwelling is built on foundations that aren’t made to take this kind of movement. Once again, piling is the best way to make sure the structure is safe.

The Job – Preparing and Installing Foundation Piling

Appreciating the chance to enjoy some sunny autumn days in picturesque Hertfordshire, the Fallon Piling team got to work. The ground conditions were London clay overlaying chalk, and the first thing to do was to flatten and prepare the ground to make it ready for piling.

Man preparing ground for concrete piling.

Flat ground on site ready for piling contractors
Preparing the ground for concrete piling

With this done, it was time for the piling itself. The team opted to use CFA 350mm diameter piles, getting it done with the 18.5-tonne Hutte 205 drilling rig.

Men working with concrete piling rig on site
Concrete piling is a messy business!

Concrete piling rig at work
The concrete piling rig at work.

Finished concrete piles in ground
Concrete piles in place, ready for foundations.

Once the piles were in place, the team were able to lay the foundation – a Fallon Piling Rapid Raft Foundation on load-bearing CFA piles. And don’t forget that indoor swimming pool – this also included an in-situ indoor swimming pool substructure.

Foundations with concrete structure for swimming pool.
Piled foundations laid for the swimming pool sub-structure.

The Result – Piled Foundations Laid, Ready for Construction

Finished concrete foundations ready for construction

With a secure foundation in place, perfectly suited to the ground conditions of the area surrounding it, the site was ready for construction. Westfield Homes had everything they needed to build the dream home for their future client, complete with indoor swimming pool.

Swimming pool foundation piling

Sometimes, concrete piling is absolutely essential in making sure a dwelling is safe, secure and built to stand the test of time. If you’ve got a construction project that’s going to need piling, the team at Fallon & Co are the piling contractors to talk to. Get in touch today with your requirements, and we’ll make it happen.

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