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Basement Conversions

Whether you want to create a basement in a new-build property, or retrofit one within the footprint of an existing building, Fallon & Co can help with the piling required to make it a reality. We can even safely construct very close to an existing building by using low vibration piling methods.

We specialise in the delivery of embedded piled wall solutions for most basements, as well as traditional underpinning retaining wall sequence. These are achieved using specialist rigs, which are ideal for all inner-city locations, with both restricted and unrestricted access.

At Fallon & Co Piling, our full-service, value-engineered basement solutions are designed to comply with the latest Eurocodes. This allows us to create the optimum solution for your retaining wall and turn your basement proposal into reality.

Our basement conversion capabilities

Under-property basements

Our low-vibration piling rigs are ideal for getting an under-basement job done with the absolute minimum of noise and environmental impact.

The size of basement you wish to create may vary, though it will depend largely on your budget. The good news is, at Fallon & Co we can be highly flexible —  we can create a basement that spans the entire footprint of your property, or can limit construction to under a certain area for a smaller basement space. Whichever you choose, it’s an excellent way to create additional room in the home.

Sub Basements

When it comes to basement creation, your thinking does not have to be limited to a single level. At Fallon & Co Piling, we have loads of experience with delivering multiple-level basement solutions. These can be ideal for gyms, home cinemas, wine cellars, and even indoor swimming pools. Whether you’re dreaming of a specialised new room, or just fancy a little more space, we can make it happen. We specialise in tricky and technically challenging jobs, so even if you have a feeling your idea is a little ambitious, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Open Excavation Basement Construction

Not everyone is up for digging beneath their property, and at Fallon & Co Piling we have expertise in creating open excavation basements. Perhaps you’re envisioning a basement beneath your garden, or even your driveway? Whichever it is, our team can help. This type of basement can be especially space-efficient, as it allows you to extend beyond the footprint of your property, and really put some unused space to work.

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