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Groundworks & Drainage

Fallon & Co can handle more than just piled foundations. We recognise customers sometimes need us to take care of drainage and groundwork. Whether it’s in preparation for a construction job or for any other reason, we have an expert team on hand to take care of your groundworks and drainage needs.

Our groundworks and drainage capabilities

Pre-piling preparation:

Groundworks are one of the most important parts of the construction process, which is why it’s so vital to make sure you choose a professional company who will do an exemplary job. If you are embarking upon a project that involves piling, the Fallon & Co team can conduct a mass dig excavation to formation level, remove all the excavated spoil from the site, and install an engineered piling mat if required.

Post-piling operation:

Groundworks and drainage are also important parts of the post-piling operation. Here is where the Fallon & Co team can provide the underlying service infrastructure for power, water, gas and telecommunications. Whether it’s for an extension to an existing property, or an entire new build, this is an absolutely vital part of the construction process, and it’s necessary to get it right.


Anything that is constructed above ground is entirely reliant on proper ground preparation. Here are some of our groundworks specialities.

Excavation Projects

At Fallon & Co Piling, we regularly undertake excavation groundworks projects, either as a principal contractor or as sub-contractor for commercial or industrial industries. Such projects can include bulk excavation, muck-away, earthwork, cast-in-place concrete, underground utilities, site-related civil services and more.

Site Clearance and Remediation

Our team has considerable expertise with site clearance and remediation. We can handle your clearance requirements with ease, whether the problem is vegetation, fly-tipped waste, muck shifting or a general excavation. Once the site is clear

We can use various methods of soil stabilisation to make ground suitable for construction works. If a site is unsuitable due to water retention, weak strata or other causes, we can set about making it suitable.

We can also remediate land that is contaminated, whether due to previous use for industrial purposes or other reasons. An effective site remediation results in a site that will have a zero effect on human health, water supplies and surrounding ecosystems, and ultimately provide a safe environment for future construction works.


The team at Fallon & Co Piling has the experience required to deal with a huge variety of drainage requirements. Our experts can undertake installation of foul drainage systems, including biodisc septic tanks and gravity-fed drains plumbed into the main sewer.

Below are some details on the drainage services we offer.

Land Drainage

If your land is holding water, then we can solve it. Our team can handle field drainage, garden drainage and more.

House/Property Drainage

We cover all aspects of property drainage, so if the worst has happened and your property is holding water, we can put things right. We can handle repairs, sewerage connections, drainage channels, and install full site laying drainage systems if required.

Holding Tanks and Attenuation Systems

At Fallon & Co Piling, our team is extensively experienced in the installation of a variety of tanks to help all types of drainage. These can include septic tanks, oil separator tanks, sewage/drainage pumps and tanks, and ‘Soak Away’ systems. We specialise in providing efficient, economical solutions to all types of drainage tank requirements.

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