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Restricted Access Piling

Fallon & Co Piling is widely considered to be the go-to contractor for challenging sites. Our years of experience within the piling sector and extended construction industry means that we have a proven track record of delivering faultless projects on time and on budget.

This experience also means we are ready to take on technically challenging jobs that other firms won’t even consider — including restricted-access piling.

Using our restricted access piling machines we can complete piled foundations in very tight places

About restricted access piling

Restricted access piling is just as it sounds — piling that is done on a site that is difficult to access. Perhaps the headroom is low, or perhaps the site is located in a complex urban area that’s too cluttered for the easy manoeuvring of a standard piling rig.

In these cases, it’s best to use a specialised rig that has been designed for restricted access piling. Below are some examples of the rigs we use when a technically challenging job requires a special touch.

Our recommended rigs for restricted access piling

Hutte 203: With a width of only 1.0m, this mini rig is incredibly versatile. It operates separately from its hydraulic power pack, which is what allows it to access very restricted sites. Hutte 203 is capable of drilling 450mm diameter rotary or SFA piles with just 3.2m of headroom.

Our small piling rigs can be craned in and over buildings to get into very tight and difficult places.

Kitten: The much-loved industry workhorse, the Kitten is an extremely versatile rig. With a mast height of just two metres, and an operational width of only 950mm (which can reduce to a width of 700mm for access), it is small wonder that the Kitten is the rig of choice for most restricted access projects.

Our capabilities for restricted access piling

At Fallon & Co, we consider restricted access piling to be a key operation in the modern construction industry, and strive to be able to take on any job, no matter how challenging.

We have access to a fleet of lightweight rigs with short masts and remote power packs, allowing our teams to work inside buildings without creating fumes. This scales up and down — we have 20-tonne rigs with shortened masts that allow for the construction large-diameter piles in sites with headroom as low as 13m. Also, our small-footprint (4 x 5m) machines, capable of constructing 11m-deep piles in a single pass, give us huge flexibility when it comes to restricted access piling projects.

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