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TPO Tree Protection Piling

TPO Piling is necessary when laying foundations near protected trees. You may think that having a protected tree on your property means you have no options for construction, but this isn’t isn’t the case. The team at Fallon & Co have the expertise, equipment and capacity to implement TPO Piling that keeps the tree safe from the foundations – and the foundations safe from the tree.

On this page we’ll take a closer look at what we can offer in terms of TPO Piling.

What is TPO piling?

“TPO” stands for “Tree Preservation Order”. These are orders given by local planning authorities that prohibit felling, toppling, damage or destruction of specific trees. They may be issued to protect natural green spaces, or because a specific tree is particularly old or notable in some way.

To comply with TPOs, constructors therefore need to ensure that they can carry out their work without violating any of the above conditions. Violating a TPOs by damaging or destroying a protected tree can incur serious legal costs and consequences

Finished piled foundation with careful consideration to tree protection

However, it’s not just about the tree – you also have to consider the foundations themselves. Trees remove moisture from the ground via their roots, and if that ground is made up of shrinkable soils (as much of the ground in the UK is), you can expect it to expand and contract as moisture content fluctuates. Any piling in that ground needs to take this into account, as otherwise it could cause movement in the foundations, in turn affecting the stability of the structure.

The National House Building Council standards state unequivocally: “Foundations shall be capable of accommodating the effects of trees and hedgerows on shrinkable soils without excessive movement

Our TPO Piling capabilities

At Fallon & Co Piling, we have the capacity to carry out TPO Piling that wholly complies with both Tree Protection Orders and the strictest guidelines for building near trees. We approach every TPO Piling job on its own terms, and will thoroughly plan out our approach before breaking any ground. 

A TPO Piling job often involves using a lighter piling rig with a reduced diameter, and may also involve a manual survey of the ground with hand-held equipment. This is to determine how far the tree roots have extended, and where piles can be placed without damaging them.

If you’re facing a thorny construction problem involving one or more trees that are subject to a TPO, then TPO Piling is the answer. Get in touch with Fallon & Co today and we’ll start figuring out how to get the job done. 

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