On this page we’ll take you through the ins and outs of CFA piling, as well as detailing the CFA piling services we offer at Fallon & Co Piling.

What Is CFA Piling?

Continuous flight auger piling, also known as CFA piling, is a method for delivering one of the most common types of construction foundation — concrete piles.

Essentially, CFA piling involves drilling to the required depth using a hollow stem continuous flight auger. Once the correct depth of hole has been reached — these days, this is determined using a built-in computer for absolute precision — concrete is pumped through the hollow stem of the auger. While the concrete is continuing to be pumped in, the auger is slowly removed, and a reinforcing cage is then lowered into the wet concrete. The result — a sturdy, reinforced concrete pile, ideal for structural support, earth retention, existing building protection and more.

CFA piles are one of the quietest, safest and most economically viable piling solutions. The technique is low-vibration, and also has minimal environmental impact. It’s therefore no surprise that CFA piling is one of the most enduringly popular foundation processes in the construction industry.

CFA Piling With Fallon & Co

At Fallon & Co Piling, we have the hands-on experience and the equipment required for all kinds of CFA piling projects. We have access to a wide variety of CFA piling rigs, and can obtain the correct plant for a wide variety of piling scenarios, including restricted access, low headroom, deep piled and large diameter piling projects.

One of the main advantages of CFA piling is that it is suitable for an array of ground conditions. This, combined with the wide array of rigs available to Fallon & Co, means the options we can provide to our clients are virtually limitless. We take immense pride in our problem-solving approach and can-do attitude, and for many of our clients we have become a go-to company for technically challenging jobs. Whether it’s because access is restricted, or the ground conditions are variable, or whatever else, the team Fallon & Co are ready and eager to take on the challenge.

The Rigs We Use

When safely and successfully completing a CFA pile procedure, the quality of construction is vitally important. There are no half-measures permitted here — everything has to be done correctly, safely and with absolute precision. That’s why the rigs and ancillary plants we use for all our projects at Fallon & Co are of the highest quality. Many feature built-in computers to precisely measure drilling depth and the volume of concrete required, including overbreak.

We have the following diameters of auger available for CFA piling projects:

  • 300mm

  • 350mm

  • 400mm

  • 450mm

  • 500mm

  • 600mm

Our CFA Piling Capabilities

Our range of rigs are ideal for a wide variety of CFA piling applications. These including standard bearing piles — concrete piles that act as a steady support for the structure above them — and we also have heavy-duty augers for more specialised applications, such as contig piling and secant piling for retaining walls. Contig piling (short for contiguous piling) refers to piles placed in a line, usually within 150mm of each other, while secant piling refers to piles that are interlocked.

The range of rigs available to Fallon & Co means we can take on jobs with restricted access or low headroom — as little as 2.4 metres. While our CFA piling rigs boast powerful torque and can reach depths of up to 30m, the minimal vibration of our rigs mean the job will cause minimal disruption.

In short, we can take on almost any CFA piling job you may have in mind, and will gladly take on a challenge. Get in touch with the team and let us know the details of your CFA piling project — we’ll be happy to help.


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