Whether you're a private homeowner, building contractor, or developer, we offer piling services tailored to your next build. From design conception to installation and project completion, our aim is to provide a personalised service that delivers cost-effective solutions for your project. Whether you're at the initial design stage or ready to commence piling immediately, our expertise and plant capabilities are available at every step to support your needs.



Continuous flight auger piling, also known as CFA piling, is a method for delivering one of the most common types of construction foundation — concrete piles.


One of the specific piling services we offer at Fallon & Co piling is mini piling. On this page we’ll take you through the basics of mini piling.


Fallon & Co Piling is widely considered to be the go-to contractor for challenging sites. Our years of experience within the piling sector and extended construction industry means that we have a proven track record of delivering faultless projects on time and on budget.


Fallon & Co can handle more than just piled foundations. We recognise customers sometimes need us to take care of drainage and groundwork. Whether it’s in preparation for a construction job or for any other reason, we have an expert team on hand to take care of your groundworks and drainage needs.


One of the key problems that can affect structures of all kinds of subsidence. Building subsidence damage occurs when movement in the ground causes the foundations of the building to shift.


Whether you want to create a basement in a new-build property, or retrofit one within the footprint of an existing building, Fallon & Co can help with the piling required to make it a reality. We can even safely construct very close to an existing building by using low vibration piling methods.


TPO Piling is necessary when laying foundations near protected trees. You may think that having a protected tree on your property means you have no options for construction, but this isn’t isn’t the case. The team at Fallon & Co have the expertise, equipment and capacity to implement TPO Piling that keeps the tree safe from the foundations – and the foundations safe from the tree.