One of the specific piling services we offer at Fallon & Co piling is mini piling. On this page we’ll take you through the basics of mini piling.

What Is Mini Piling?

Fundamentally, mini piling can be the same basic process as CFA piling but usually comes with solid stem augers for open bore drilling, however, these miniature piling rigs can be adapted for mini CFA type piling and generally requires grout being pumped through the rig rather than aggregate concrete. The end result is still a safe and effective support pile for a host of different construction types.

Mini piling refers to the use of a smaller drill, with a narrower diameter, in order to create smaller concrete piles. As these types of piles are still extremely strong and stable, mini piling is useful for situations where a smaller piling rig is needed — such as when access is restricted, or environmental restrictions are especially stringent.

At Fallon & Co Piling, our skilled engineering team are on hand to design the most cost-effective solution for your foundation needs, and to solve the most technically demanding problems. With our comprehensive range of mini piling equipment and techniques, we can gain access to the most restricted sites and install a range of mini pile types and diameters tailor made for your foundation requirements.

Whether your requirement is for rail, highway, construction, retail or domestic construction projects, we offer the unrivalled expertise required to perform a fast and effective job. With the help of noise suppression, fume extraction or even electric drives we can address the most restrictive environmental limits, and make sure you get the piling you need in a safe, timely and efficient manner.

Our Mini Piling Capabilities

At Fallon & Co Piling, our watchword is quality. In CFA pile construction, quality control is absolutely critical, and we pride ourselves on getting things exactly right, every time.

Our advanced rigs and experienced team members can precisely measure the volume of concrete or grout pile that is being pumped in, ensuring that the pile forms correctly. This enables us to guarantee a pile with a stable bore and the correct integrity level for a sturdy, reliable foundation.

CFA piles are the most economic solution for many sites. Crucially for urban and confined sites, our CFA rigs have minimal environmental impacts in terms of noise and vibration. For many tricky jobs, mini piling is the perfect solution — get in touch with the team if you have a mini piling project you want to discuss, and we’ll make it happen.


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